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Anthem Employer-Sponsored (Commercial) Plans

What to Know for Employer-Sponsored (Commercial) Anthem Plans

We know how important it is for our patients to be able to continue seeing the providers at the Reid Health facilities they know and trust. It is our strong desire to come to an agreement quickly and we hope Anthem shares that same goal. 

We have been in touch with local employers, and we understand that this presents some challenges. We are committed to staying in contact with employers, patients and our community throughout this process with frequent updates.  

Here’s what you can do today to help protect your in-network access to Reid Health:  

  • Call Anthem or your health plan at the number on the back of your Anthem identification card. Ask Anthem to protect your in-network access to the Reid Health services and providers who you know and trust. 
  • If you have employer-sponsored health insurance, talk to your employer and/or human resources representative about your need for continued in-network access to Reid Health’s services and providers. Ask them to reach out and encourage Anthem to ensure that Reid Health remains in-network for your plan. 

Employer-Sponsored (Commercial) FAQ

These are FAQs related to employer-sponsored, also known as commercial, Anthem plans. For general FAQ, visit the homepage

Which Anthem plans does this impact?

This contract negotiation includes all current Anthem plans, including employer-sponsored (commercial), Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. In order to ensure we are able to best serve our patients, it is necessary to renegotiate all our payer contracts. 

I’m an employer that provides Anthem insurance to my employees. What can employers do to help Reid Health stay in network with Anthem?

Reid Health understands the importance of having a nearby healthcare option for their employees to decrease missed work time and to ensure the plan you’ve provided for them is the best choice for them and their loved ones. 

There are a few things employers can do to help Reid Health stay in network: 

  • Employers can reach out to their insurance broker and tell them how important it is they stay in network with Reid Health. 
  • They can also call Anthem and tell them what it means to their company that they stay in-network with Reid Health. 

What if this is the only insurance plan my employer offers?

We continue to work hard to reach an agreement with Anthem so that our patients don’t experience an out-of-network period. We know how important it is that patients have up-to-date information on these negotiations. That’s why we’ve created this site and the Reid Health Community Helpline at 765-965-4250.

Will patients who have Anthem plans still be able to receive care from Reid Health?

All patients can always visit Reid Health’s Emergency Department for emergency care, regardless of the status of their insurance plan. For those patients who have questions, we encourage you to visit or call the Reid Health Community Helpline at 765-965-4250. 

Anthem is required by law to provide Continuity of Care coverage to those patients who qualify. This provides ongoing coverage for patients who are being treated for a long-term medical condition, such as cancer care or behavioral healthcare. It also provides continued coverage for those who have established a plan of care with their provider – such as an expectant mother.  

It’s important to know that nothing changes right now. All our patients should continue to see their Reid healthcare providers and visit Reid Health facilities as they normally would. We’ve received tremendous support from our patients who wish to continue receiving care from their trusted Reid physician and care team. Many patients have already taken steps to change their plans or contact Anthem to express their concerns. We appreciate our community’s support and trust. Because of this response and our desire to care for our community, we will resume scheduling all patients with Anthem insurance for appointments beyond March 17. We remain hopeful Anthem will return to the table for good faith discussions.